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Brass Instrument Service and Repair

The Horn Doctor Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Baritone Horn and Tuba Service and Repair

Shop Adjust

  • Disassemble instrument and flush with water

  • Correct valve and rotor alignment

  • New waterkey corks, string (french horn)

  • Trombone slides are cleaned, minor dents removed and rails aligned
  • Water cork and rotor strings replaced and bumpers added

  • Mouthpiece is cleaned and sterilized

  • Case is cleaned

Sterilize and Service:

  • Same as Shop Adjust with eco-friendly chemical clean of bore and sides

  • Key corks, felts and springs are replaced as needed

Serilize and Service Minor Dents

  • Same as Sterlize and Service with small dents easily removed.

Extra Charges

  • Major dents

  • Soldering and brazing

  • Parts replacement

  • Frozen slides

  • We also REPAIR CASES

Horn Doctor Trumpet, Cornet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone Horn, Euphonium, Tuba Repair.

Brass Instrument Service Estimates

InstrumentShop AdjustChemical CleanClean with Minor Dents
Trumpet and Cornet$45.00 - $75.00$95.00$125.00
Trombone$45.00 - $75.00$95.00$125.00
French Horn - Single$55.00 - $85.00$125.00$175.00
French Horn - Double$75.00 - $95.00$150.00$195.0-0
Baritones, Euphoniums$75.00 - $95.00Estimate OnlyEstimate Only
Small Tubas$75.00 - $125.00Estimate OnlyEstimate Only
Large Tubas$75.00 - $125.00Estimate OnlyEstimate Only
Additional RepairsEstimate OnlyEstimate OnlyEstimate Only
Valve Repair$55.00 and up
Pull Frozen Slides$35.00 and up
Solder Water Cork Keys$45.00 and up
Solder Bracdes$45.00 and up
Braze Broken Parts$60.00 and up

All work is guaranteed.

  • Instruments not called for within 60 days of service will be sold to cover costs.
  • Prices quoted are estimates only and are subject to change.
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