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Great service!

I have been searching numerous places to try to locate Oleg ergonomic enhancer products for my Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone. Specifically, I needed the rather hard-to-find strap ring attachment that connects to the soprano’s music lyre lug, next to the right-hand lower thumb rest.

My search led me to Alan Markowitz Horn Doctor Band Instrument Repair Shop in Broomfield Colorado. I was very pleased to find that he has supported the Oleg Company in every way for 20 years and had the strap ring in stock.

He was very knowledgeable about the products and immediately checked his stock for my needs. Needless to say, he took great care of me and had the strap ring in the mail to me the next day.

The Oleg Selmer Soprano Strap Ring was everything it was described to be. It fits the Mark VI soprano perfectly and allows me to use the same harness/neck strap that I use on my tenor sax. I need not look any further for Oleg products that will help the playability of my horns as I age and maintain the accuracy of my fingering.

Thank you Alan for your time and consideration!

- Steve O'Brien

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