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Shine Clarinets from Duo Music

These clarinets, designed a team of French and Korean specialist are of exceptional quality. The feature rosegold post, low C key adjustment screw and special pivot screws only found on high end brands. More over you find find a high quality Ducasse mouthpiece, ligature and case.

Model Shine ST-2
Features addition alternate G# key.
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LeBlanc Classic II

The French-made LeBlanc Classic clarinets are legendary for their superb craftsmanship and exquisite sound.

This Leblanc Classic II is in excellent condition and has be checked and adjusted by The Horn Doctor shop. $595.00

Noblet Clarinet

The Noblet clarinets from the French Company are excellent instruments with a wonderful tone.

  • Made in France
  • Complete repad with Valentino synthetic pads
  • Original leather-style case
  • Includes mouthpiece, ligature. cork grease and swab

Normandy 4 Clarinet

This is another great clarinet from the LeBlanc company

  • Made in France
  • Complete repad by The Horn Doctor
  • New Gator case
  • Includes mouthpiece, ligature. cork grease and swab


Oleg Products

The Horn Doctor is a dealer for the exceptional line of products from legendary company Oleg Products.

  • Olegatures
  • Sax Enhancers
  • Ergonomic Straps
  • Michael Lington Mouthpieces
  • Oleg Contempo Mouthpieces


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