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Woodwind Repair and Service

The Horn Doctor Clarinet Service and Repair McMinnville, Oregon
The Horn Doctor Saxophone Service and Repair McMinnville, Oregon
The Horn Doctor Flute Service and Repair McMinnville, Oregon
The Horn Doctor Obie and Bassoon Service and Repair McMinnville, Oregon
Oboe and Bassoon

Shop Adjust

  • Replace up to 3 pads as needed

  • Adjust key regulation to the proper height

  • Check springs, pivot screws, and key rods

  • Replace needed key corks or felts

  • Oil keys and test play the instrument

  • Mouthpieces are cleaned and sterilized


  • Instrument is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned (eco-friendly cleaners are used on flute and saxophone bodies and clarinet keys)

  • Replace all pads and tenon corks if needed

  • Key corks, felts and springs are replaced as needed

  • Complete adjustment and regulation of key action

  • Instrument is oiled and play tested

  • Free follow-up adjustment is included

Extra Charges

  • Dents, tenon repair, soldering, brazing, spring replacement

  • New parts, tone hole repair, body alignment

  • Tenon joint corks and headjoint corks

  • Frozen screws, loose parts, and crack repair

  • We also REPAIR CASES


  • Same as repad plus:

  • All metal parts are buffed and polished

  • Dents removed and bent keys repaired

  • Regild trademarks on clarinets

Woodwind Service Estimates

InstrumentShop AdjustRepadOverhaul
Clarinet - Plastic$45.00 - $75.00$225$295
Clarinet - Wood$55.00 - $90.00$325.00$395
Bass ClarinetEstimate OnlyEstimate OnlyEstimate Only
Flute - Student$55.00 - $85.00$235$295
Flute - Professional$75.00 - $95.00Estimate OnlyEstimate Only
Saxophones$75.00 - $125.00Estimate OnlyEstimate Only
Oboe and Bassoon$75.00 - $95.00Estimate OnlyEstimate Only

Woodwind Service Estimates

  • Instruments not called for within 60 days of service will be sold to cover costs.
  • Prices quoted are estimates only and are subject to change.

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